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Sarah Simpson

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Daily Planning

Strategies For Ultimate Success

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Master Daily Planning and give yourself space to breathe and develop!

This daily planning book will have you flying through your day.

Ask yourself, how many times do you carry work over to the next day, or take work home? by doing things in a different order, planning effectively and become more efficient in dealing with daily tasks you can reduce stress and free up time for personal development and 'breathing space'.

Become more effective and efficient, do more in less time, reduce stress, free up time for development and be a super planner.

  1. Introduction
  2. Critical Reflective Learning – Part 1
  3. The 2 week challenge
    1. 2 week challenge template
  4. Setting the Scene
    1. Current vs. desired state
    2. Current vs desired state word clouds
  5. Thieves and Pirates
    1. Your time pirates
    2. Smarters
    3. Pirates ‘at a glance’ table
  6. Procrastination
    1. Tackling procrastination
  7. Marvellous meetings
    1. Marvellous meetings strategies
  8. Interruptions, interruptions, interruptions!
    1. Telephones
    2. Visitors
    3. Paper
  9. The ‘zero inbox’
    1. Checking your emails*
    2. Reading your emails
    3. Organising email
  10. PPPPP – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance
    1. The stages
  11. The To-do-List
    1. The to-do-list template
  12. Prime & down time
    1. Your prime & down times
  13. The daily planning template
    1. Blank planning template
  14. Saying “no”
    1. Saying “no” to a superior
    2. The UNER Approach
    3. Saying “yes”
  15. A 10-step action plan
  16. A visual reminder
    1. What people normally do
    2. What we should do!
  17. Critical reflective learning – Part 2
  18. Summary

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