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How to Write a Business Plan That Really Works

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Running a business is rarely easy, but the rewards of running a really good business can be exceptional. As the adage goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. Putting the effort into making a superb Plan is absolutely worth the effort. Unfortunately there is no short cut to writing a really good business plan, but if you do so the good news is that you will end up running a really good business; and - in the author's experience - really good businesses always get investment on advantageous terms. This book helps the reader understand the process of making a really good business plan, with sections on Planning, Rewards, Risks, Targets, Content, Presentation - and what to do once it is written. 

Its companion books, Raising Business Finance for Entrepreneurs Parts 1 and Part 2, provide further invaluable insight into the minds of the providers of finance.

  1. Summary of the Approach
  2. Risk
  3. Understanding Other People’s Motivation
  4. Reward
  5. Preparing the Business Case
  6. Writing a Business Plan
  7. The Pitch
  8. The Meeting


Very informative.

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