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Jannick B. Pedersen;Anders Hvid

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Face the Future

What disruption and exponential acceleration means for you?

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  1. Face the Future 
  2. Innovation: Past, Present and Future 
    1. Innovation 
    2. The Thinkers 
    3. The Process 
    4. Technology-Driven Innovation 
  3. Switching the Paradigm to Exponential Growth 
    1. Exponential Growth as a Paradigm Shift 
    2. A Rule of Thumb and a Couple of Examples 
    3. Robert Malthus 
    4. Gordon Moore 
    5. Ray Kurzweil 
  4. Computing and Communications 
    1. Exponential Acceleration 
    2. Creative Crossing 
    3. Development Disruption 
  5. Artificial Intelligence 
    1. Exponential Acceleration 
    2. Creative Crossing 
    3. Development Disruption 
  6. Biotechnology, a new Healthcare System and Eternal Life 
    1. Exponential Acceleration 
    2. Creative Crossing 
    3. Development Disruption 
  7. Nanotechnology, the World’s Smallest Construction Site 
    1. Expontential Acceleration 
    2. Creative Crossing 
    3. Development Disruption 
  8. The Implications 
    1. Education 
    2. Energy 
    3. Work And Manufacturing 
    4. Disruptive Companies 
    5. Health and Longevity 
  9. The Exponential Curve Explorer 
    1. Exponential Curve Explorertm (ECE) 

Understanding the future is more important than ever. Irrespective of your field of study or work, you need to be able to see the contours of what is coming. The ongoing disruption is driven by the exponential growth in our digital capabilities. We already assume a future with robots, 3D printing and artificial intelligence. But this is only the beginning. As all technologies eventually become digitized - disruption will come to every aspect of society … and eventually increase your life time significantly. In this easily readable book, the two futurists and Singularity University alumni Anders Hvid and Jannick B. Pedersen take you on a mind-blowing journey into the past, present and future of exponential growth. “FACE THE FUTURE” provides you with frameworks and tools for understanding what might come next; and the final chapter includes a model – The Exponential Curve Explorer – which can help you imagine and design the breakthrough solutions that just might make another dent in the universe…

Yasho Sarda

Superb with great insight on the future of work. The eBook format is ideal for such a book as it will need to have a regular updates.

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