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Robert J Engelbrecht

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The power of Initiative, Challenge and Enthusiasm

Towards engaged performance management

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Engagement improves productivity, margins, and revenue growth, yet worldwide less than 20% of the workforce is engaged. Now companies put engagement on the agenda to drive improvement and innovation where they cannot compete on price.

This book offers ways to sustain engagement through:

  • ICE time: without time for initiative, challenge and enthusiasm, an employee may be satisfied or motivated but not engaged
  • Co-created vision: making engagement a shared responsibility of the organisation and its members
  • Engaged performance management: combining performance-, conversational- and engagement intelligence.
  1. Performance reviews and satisfaction
    1. Extrinsic motivators and satisfaction
    2. Intrinsic motivators and satisfaction
    3. Bad practices in performance reviews
  2. The purpose of performance reviews
    1. Autocrats and performance reviews
    2. Bureaucrats and performance reviews
    3. Task-oriented leadership and performance reviews
    4. People-oriented leadership and performance reviews
  3. Driving performance through engagement
    1. What is employee engagement about?
    2. Employee engagement and performance
  4. How to reward engagement
    1. Time and space for initiative
    2. Time and space for challenge
    3. Time and space for enthusiasm
  5. Satisfaction, motivation and engagement
    1. How to kill employee engagement
    2. Satisfaction and/or motivation and/or engagement
  6. Engaged performance management (EPM)
    1. Transparent performance intelligence
    2. Conversational intelligence
    3. Engagement intelligence
  7. Co-creating vision
    1. Focus through collective aspiration
    2. Questionnaire to co-create vision
  8. Steps towards an EPM model
    1. Assess
    2. T.R.U.S.T.
    3. Self-assess


Highly engaging. Useful and practical with good combination of theory and practice.

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