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Harold L. Taylor

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Make your meetings more productive

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  1. Short on time? read this first 
    1. Business meeting essentials 
    2. Checklist for more effective meetings 
  2. How are your meeting management skills? 
    1. Are you an effective chairperson? 
    2. The value and cost of meetings 
    3. How much time do you spend in meetings? 
  3. Plan your meetings carefully 
    1. When is the best time to hold meetings? 
    2. Success is in the little things 
    3. Preplanned seating 
    4. Preparing the agenda 
    5. Plan to have refreshments at all meetings 
    6. The meeting location is important 
    7. Fewer people make for more productive meetings 
  4. Control the meeting at all times 
    1. Get off to a good start 
    2. Don’t misinterpret those yawns 
    3. Stand-up meetings 
    4. The 60-minute modular meeting 
    5. Control the discussions 
    6. Be decisive as a group 
    7. The high cost of meetings 
  5. Be a responsible participant 
    1. Question the value of your attendance 
    2. Be prepared for the meeting 
    3. Take an active part in the meeting 
    4. How to listen effectively 
    5. Death by powerpoint 
    6. Attention spans are decreasing 

In addition to discussing how you can improve the effectiveness of your meetings, this book indicates how the various factors such as location, timing, meeting environment, seating and attendance impact their success. It also directs an entire chapter to those who attend meetings, indicating how they can help increase the productivity of the meetings they attend. Guidelines for both meeting managers and participants are included, as well as advice on drawing up the agenda and an action sheet for participants.

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