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Martin VanDerSchouw

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Practical Project Management

A User’s Guide to Getting Things Done

60 ratings

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Practical Project Management – A Users’ Guide to Getting Things Done is written for those seeking real-world advice executing projects. In simple, clear language, Practical Project Management provides templates, tools, and practices in a time-sequenced approach. It focuses on those items that provide the highest payback in the shortest amount of time. The author also examines what causes most projects to struggle and provides detailed insights on avoiding those pitfalls. From communication and leadership, to methodologies such as waterfall and Scrum, and advanced measurement techniques such as Earned Value, if you want to improve your management of projects this book is for you.

  1. Teams & Leadership
  2. Project Communication
  3. Stakeholder Management
  4. The Basics of Project Management
  5. Scope & Requirements
  6. Development Methodologies
  7. Effective Budgets and Schedules
  8. Project Performance
  9. Change Management

Josue da Costa

Very good.


Truly comprehensive. Excellent.

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