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Marjorie Mensink

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My career guide: Starting your own business

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Do you want to know how to re-introduce passion into your work-life and your career?

Learn powerful strategies in order to (re-)ignite the pleasure in your work!

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  1. Introduction to Starting Your Own Business
    1. What You Will Learn from Staring Your Own Business
    2. What Will You Find in Part Three?
  2. Starting your own Business
    1. Your Privacy Policy
  3. Do You Need to Have Entrepreneurial Blood?
    1. Freedom of Work
    2. Be Open for Opportunities
  4. Seven Reasons to Become Self Employed
    1. You Solve Peoples’ Problems
    2. Entrepreneur’s Dream
    3. You See a Gap in the Marketplace
    4. Never a Dull Moment
    5. Financial Independence
    6. Tough Job Marketing
    7. Working for or with Foreign Countries
  5. You Can Start a Business Driving a Sidecar
  6. The Mirror
    1. Self-Employed and Freelancers Stereotyped
  7. Your Main Business is Marketing
    1. Locating Leads
    2. Do You Hate Selling?
  8. Seven Steps on the Entrepreneurial Road Ahead
    1. Give yourself time to think about your business idea
    2. Scale it down
    3. Imagine your basics
    4. Tap online resources
    5. Have a fallback plan
    6. Ask for help
    7. Keep your plan fresh
  9. Tests that help you Find Your Way
    1. My Calling
    2. Roadblocks and Obstacles
  10. Needs Profile
    1. Part One
  11. Needs Profile
    1. Part Two
    2. Working Roles That Feel Comfortable For You
    3. Traits You Admire Most in Your Superiors
    4. What Traits Do You NOT Work Well With?
    5. Elaboration and Results
    6. Basic Skills You Excel in and Like to Employ
  12. Wrap up the Test Results and Exercises
    1. Who am I?
    2. What are my abilities?
    3. What am I looking for?
    4. What do I want?
    5. What suits me?
  13. Your Perfect Job Description
  14. Exploring the Self-Employed and Small Business World
    1. Ten-Minute Networking Questions
    2. Don’t Forget Your Manners!
  15. Marjorie Mensink
  16. Endnotes

Koos Overbeeke

very Inspiring book

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