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Soar with Confidence

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Soar with Confidence will help you gain a greater understanding of what confidence is and how it might show up in your life, as well as how it might present itself in other people’s lives. This book explores the topic of confidence to get clear as to what it is and provides tools, techniques and strategies to help boost your confidence levels. By starting to build a strong foundation and understand of what confidence is and how it presents in your life, you can then take action to flex those confidence muscles.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Foundations
    1. Definitions
    2. What Confidence is
    3. What Confidence is Not
    4. How Confidence Might Appear
  3. Understanding Confidence
    1. Self-Assessment Test to Determine own Confidence Levels
    2. Exploring Different Areas in Your Life
    3. Identifying How You Demonstrate Confidence
    4. Effects on Performance and Motivation
  4. Building Confidence
    1. Summary of Achievements
    2. Feel It and Believe It
    3. Effective Goal Setting
    4. Affirmations and Self Talk
    5. Shift Perspectives
    6. Mental Rehearsal
    7. Act “As Though”
    8. Change Your Words
    9. Do Something Different
    10. Create a Recipe for Success
    11. Anchor Confidence
    12. Building Confidence in Others
  5. Conclusion
    1. Commit to Taking Action
    2. Dealing with Mistakes and Setbacks
    3. On a Final Note
  6. References
  7. Bibliography
  8. About the Author

John Klime

It's a very interesting book and very useful! Thank you for it! Best wishes, J.K.

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