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Jill Seymour & Bernard Nawrat

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A Health & Well-being Strategy

For an Effective Workforce

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Every day we are bombarded with information about health and fitness. Is there a proper place for employers to become involved? We believe that there is. An employee health and well-being strategy not only enhances the lives of individuals but makes good business sense.

The book shows how to make a business case for developing a health and wellbeing strategy, who to involve and ways to implement. It does not need to be complicated or expensive. Every organisation can make people feel better about themselves and about work. Use our practical guide to deliver changes that can make a big difference to the working environment, to the culture of an organisation and to people’s lives.

  1. Getting Started 
  2. Management, Policy and Procedure 
  3. Managing Sickness & Absence 
  4. Healthy Workplaces 
  5. Healthy Employees 
  6. Making the Strategy a Success 

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