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Sarah Simpson

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The Top 5 Soft Skills of Project Management

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When we talk about the skills of project management, the focus is usually on the so-called ‘hard skills’. For example completing a Gantt chart, or identifying milestones and deliverables. However, just as important are those essential soft skills that can make or break your project.
In this book you will examine, practice and gain confidence in; creating and achieving a shared vision and defining mission, the 30 second sales pitch, influence, conflict management and assertiveness.
As Cornelius Fichtner said, “the P in PM is as much about people management as it is about project management”.

About the author

Sarah Simpson MBA, FIntLM, BSc, Dip Man, Cert Man, DCR

Sarah Simpson is a freelance trainer, lecturer, writer and the owner of Dragontooth Training and Consultancy. She is passionate about designing and delivering bespoke courses covering the public, private and third sector. She utilises the latest technology to produce creative and innovative deliveries that are set 'in the real world' that challenge and enable change in working practices.

She draws on extensive public and private sector experience to ensure individuals, teams and organisations gain optimal return on investment and see tangible workplace results.

Her clients include; Universities, The Fire and Rescue Service, The Police Force and County Councils. She has lectured at National and International conferences and has published several peer reviewed papers.

Author websites:
twitter: @training_dragon

  1. Introduction
  2. Vision & Mission
    1. What is vision & mission?
    2. A word about values
    3. Vision and mission examples 
    4. Create a shared vision (the what) 
    5. Achieve a shared vision (the how) 
    6. Mission - a 3-step approach 
  3. The 30-second sales pitch 
    1. Why? 
    2. How? 
  4. Influence 
    1. What is influence? 
    2. Influence vs. manipulation 
    3. Make connections 
    4. Be honest 
    5. Be a problem solver
    6. Be valued 
    7. Group think 
  5. Conflict management 
    1. The cost of conflict 
    2. Sources of conflict 
    3. 5 approaches to managing conflict 
    4. The pros and cons of each approach 
    5. The phases of conflict 
    6. The conflict resolution graph 
  6. Assertiveness 
    1. How assertive are you? 
    2. The assertiveness formula 
    3. The assertiveness formula in practice – an example 
    4. The activeness formula activity 
  7. Summary 

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