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The Art of Mindful Leadership

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Our commercial world is straining under the weight of expectation to perform and deliver - with stretched resources, our employees’ welfare is at risk and leaders are seeking new ways to support their teams.

Perhaps it’s time to look further afield for a solution. And it is in the East where we discover how the art of mindfulness is transforming businesses. Mindfulness, the simplicity of awareness, seeing things as they are, being in the moment and responding not reacting to events - it enhances our leadership by enriching relationships, reducing anxiety and alleviating stress. Mindfulness is a philosophy that is helping leaders breathe new life into tired organisations and worn out teams.

As the West scientifically recognises mindfulness’s impact, the potential to fuse this ancient art with modern methods could give us the impetus we need to regain our competitive edge. This book will show why and how to add mindfulness to your leadership strategy, both simply and transformationally.

  1. Introduction – Two Opposing Worlds Collide
    1. The Cut-throat World of Commerce
    2. Business and Spirituality Dichotomy
    3. A Leadership Solution to Performance
  2. What is Mindfulness?
    1. A Definition as our Starting Point
    2. Eastern Traditions Travel Westwards
    3. The Science behind Mindfulness
    4. Give Mindfulness a Go – Experiential Exercise
    5. How Mindfulness Benefits Humanity
  3. Corporate Mindfulness
    1. Business and Mindfulness – Partners in Crime
    2. Mindfulness versus Ruthlessness
  4. The Art of Mindful Leadership
    1. Mindful Application for Leaders
    2. Making the Transition
  5. Closing Thoughts

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