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Patrick Forsyth

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The One-Hour Business Plan

How to write a business plan quickly and easily

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Sometimes compiling a business plan can seem like a chore. It mustn’t be viewed that way. It is not only necessary (if only for the bank), but should also be useful. This title reviews the process. It concentrates on the practical aspects and on showing how a plan can be assembled – in a prompt and hassle-free way - that is of real use in directing the operation from year to year and indeed day by day. It also emphasises the creative aspect of planning as a way to make change, innovate and combat ever changing market and economic conditions.

  1. Introduction: Making A Chore Useful
  2. What Is Business Planning?
  3. The Art Of Planning
  4. Making It Work
  5. Ten Steps To Successful Business Planning

Andile Stulo

A great book for enthusiastic young business starters like myself. Planning is always a good place to start but if you don't understand what to begin with it becomes a tricky starting point. With this book handy I believe you learn all the important basic building blocks which will assist you in planning and further running your own business.

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